Harrison & Feldhausen, PC

"Providing the community with the skills and support needed for healthy living in an ever changing world"

Frequently Asked Questions...

1. Should I start DWI/DUI classes before I go to court?
       A: It is a good idea to start classes as soon as possible.  When you go to court it will show that you are taking responsibility and being proactive.

2. If I get a DWI/DUI in another State would I be able to take your class?

       A: Yes, we work with interstate agencies for clients who receive out of state DWI/DUI charges.

3. Do you accept Insurance?

       A: We are out of network providers.  We do accept Medicare, but the client is responsible for any Co-Pay.  We offer a sliding fee scale based on monthly income.

4. Is your office located along a public transportation route?

       A: Yes.  We are on the Y2 and Y8 Metro bus route.

5. What form of payment do you accept?

       A: We accept most major credit cards, personal checks and cash payments.